Sleep Support Memory Foam Leg Pillow
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Type: Pillow

Having trouble sleeping? Hips bother you when you sleep to the side or when you travel? The Sleep Support Memory Foam Leg Pillow is everything you need and more to solve all of your lower joint issues and help you sleep in no time. With the ability to help you keep your hip joints in alignment while you lay down, soreness is eliminated instantly. Pregnancy will almost seem like a breeze with this pillows added help. Also, don't be afraid to use it in different functions, it can help more than just your legs. Your imagination and needs are the only limits to this pillows usage.


  • Features:
  • Durable and practical
  • Soft and humane,suitable for office people,etc
  • Special design helps relieve stress effectively
  • Notch design makes you more comfortable
  • Pillow cover can be removed and washed
  • Reduces pressure on hips knees and joints while cushioning the knees for a comfortable nights sleep
  • Description:
  • Material:Memory Foam, Velvet
  • Color:White
  • Size:26*21*15cm
  • Package include:
  • 1 x Leg Pillow